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Case Report

Clinical features, diagnosis and treatment of left atrial myxoma: cases from practice

G.E. Rizk1, E.A. Zakharyan2, G.A. Stepuk1, A.A. Snitser1, R.S. Ovcharov1, A.V. Ushakov2

1 Crimea Republic Institution «Clinical Territorial Medical Association “University Hospital”», Simferopol
2 Crimea State Medical University named after S.I. Georgievsky, Simferopol

      Primary tumors of the heart are very rare diseases, comprising up to 0,0017–0,02 % cases in cardiologic practice. Nevertheless, in many cases they are clinically malignant and even fatal. These patients have high risk of sudden death, occurring in 30 % of cases. Three clinical cases of left atrium myxoma characterized by predominantly extracardiac manifestations with sudden onset, progressive course and severe intoxication syndrome are presented.

Key words: myxoma, diagnosis, treatment.

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