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Case Report

Endovascular closure of a post-traumatic ventricular septal defect with an occluder

B.M. Todurov, A.V. Khokhlov, M.V. Shimanko, A.A. Maksakov, L.A. Shapoval, Khorram Sohrab

Kyiv City Heart Center

      Case report of the successful endovascular closure of post-traumatic ventricular septal defect with occluder in 63-year old patient after combined penetrating thoracic trauma is provided. Endovascular closure of posttraumatic ventricular septal defect is an effective and safe alternative to open surgery. It is especially important during the acute period when existing ventricular septal defect may significantly worsen the course of the combined thoracic and abdominal trauma, while open surgery is associated with high risk in this situation.

Key words: ventricular septal defect, post-traumatic, endovascular closure, occluder.


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