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Dear colleagues!

  • The articles in Ukrainian, English and Russian languages are considered for publication. The title of the article should be followed by initials and names of the authors, their institutions and cities. If authors work in various institutions, these should be personified by figures 1, 2, 3.
  • All articles are published free of charge.
    All articles are submitted free of charge.

  • The submission should include:
  1. Name, initials, postal address, E-mail, telephone number, scientific degree and position of the corresponding author;
  2. Telephone number for prompt contact of the editorial office with authors;
  3. Summary in three languages (Ukrainian, English and Russian), containing title, names and initials of the authors, key words, aim, material and methods of the study, principal results and conclusions;
  4. Reference list;
  5. Information in three languages (Ukrainian, English and Russian): names and initials of the authors, their institutions, cities, scientific degrees, positions, contact data;
  6. Information about conflict of interest.
  • The article should be prepared in Microsoft Word using font TimesNewRoman, 14 points, without tabulators and hyphenations. The inter-row interval is one and a half, 2 cm blank from all sides. All special symbols should be printed using the command “Insertion/Symbol”.
  • Drawings should be placed inside the text of the article and in tif, jpg or eps formats. All photos should be clear and contrast. The titles of the microphotos should include scale and colouring method. Diagrams prepared using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Graph, should include tables if the data and electronic version of the diagram. The text should contain references to all drawings in round brackets.
  • Tables should be concise, have titles and be provided in one file with text of the article. The headings of all parameters should be according to the contents. The text should contain references to all tables in the round brackets.
  • The original article should consist of the following parts: introduction; aim; material and methods; resuts and their discussion; conclusions. The reviews, lectures, case reports may have other structure. The text of the article should be clear, understandable, concise.
  • References (original article – usually not more than 20 references, reviews – not more than 40 references) should be listed according to the alphabetic order: first references in cyryllic, further in latinic (in original transcription). All references should be listed in the text in square brackets.
  • Shortening of the separate words, terms (apart from usual shortenings of the measuring units, physical, chemical and mathematical parameters) is not permitted.
  • The international names of the drugs should be used as usual.
  • The editorial office may shorten and include linguistic correction into the articles. All aricles are reviewed by independent reviewers. In case of necessity the editorial office may return the article to the authors for correction. The rejected articles are not returned. The articles published earlier in other editions are not accepted for publication.
  • The submission should include the letter from the institution where the work has been performed, and have signatures of all authors.
  • Submitting of the articles and their further publication in the «Cardiac Surgery and Interventional Cardiology» journal are free of charge. 

The article should be sent to the E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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