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Case report


Successful perioperative management of infective endocarditis
in a patient after COVID-19

I.Yu. Mokryk 
N.V. Malova
I.O. Stetsiuk
Ghasabeh F. Hassanzadeh

 Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Infective endocarditis in patients after COVID-19 has a more severe course. Cardiovascular pathology and pathophysiological changes in other organs and systems due to COVID-19 should be considered. We present a clinical case of successful cardiosurgical treatment of a patient with multiple heart valve pathology due to infective endocarditis associated with COVID-19 and coronary artery disease.

Key words: COVID-19, aortic insufficiency, mitral insufficiency, tricuspid insufficiency, coronary artery disease, respiratory failure

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