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Technologies of Diagnosis and Treatment

Aortic valve replacement with miniinvasive approach using L-like ministernotomy

B.M. Todurov, V.A. Shevchenko, G.I. Darwish, A.V. Markovets, I.О. Aksonova, N.V. Ponych, A.V. Ivaniuk

Kyiv City Heart Center, Ukraine

      The case report of aortic valve replacement through L-like ministernotomy approach is presented. The advantages of this method compared to longitudinal median sternotomy are described. Usage of ministernotomy approach made possible to decrease post-surgery blood loss, to decrease dosages of analgetics after surgery, as well as period of time until extubation compared to the standard technique. Ministernotomy is an effective and safe means with minimal surgical injury and less financial losses related to the treatment, without usage of expensive devices.

Key words: ministernotomy, aortic valve replacement, the longitudinal median sternotomy.


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