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Case report

A case of surgical treatment coarctation of the aorta in adults

N.A. Ozerianskyi, I.O. Aksоnova, V.Yu. Vashkeba, V.V. Sakalov, V.G. Karpenko,O.M. Dovgan, B.M. Todurov

 Heart Institute, Healthcare Ministry of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine   

The case of diagnosis and surgical treatment of aortic coarctation in 25-year old patient is presented. The symptoms at hospitalization were high blood pressure, headache, nasal bleeds. The investigation including echocardiography, computer tomography, angiography, aortography revealed significant aortic coarctation. Surgical resection of aortic coarctation was performed using synthetic vascular graft Gore-Tex. Satisfactory result was maintained at investigation performed in six months after surgery.

 Key words: aortic coarctation, vascular graft, congenital heart desease.


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