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Third International Conference «Reconstructive Heart Surgery»: Two-Day Ground for Cardiac Surgery

Prepared by Illia Leoshko, Vitaliy Demyanchuk 

October 24-25, 2019, the Third International Conference "Reconstructive Heart Surgery" was in Kyiv, attended by leading cardiac surgeons of the world. About thirty experts from the US, Canada, Japan and EU countries exchanged experience with their Ukrainian counterparts and identified new trends in cardiovascular surgery. The conference was a significant event for both the domestic and international medical community, giving participants the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and processes in the arena of cardiothoracic surgery, to join the discussions and leading lectures of leading world surgeons and scientists from North America, Japan and Europe. The organizers of the event were Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, All-Ukrainian Association of Cardiac Thoracic, Endovascular Surgery and Transplantation Specialists and the Kalangos Foundation. The two-day event program has been specially designed for surgeons, cardiologists, anesthetists, specialists in X-ray and vascular diagnostics and treatment, specialists in functional diagnostics, perfusiologists, interns and interns interested in cardiac surgery and transplantation. A special section of the conference was dedicated to pediatric cardiac surgery. The conference became a unique platform for knowledge sharing and cardiac surgery experience.

Key words: heart defects, coronary artery bypass grafting, coarctation of the aorta, ascending aortic aneurysm, surgery David.




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