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Estimation of the influence of the risk factors on direct and remote results of surgical modification of one-ventricular blood circulation

М.F. Zinkovsky1, A.M. Dovgan2, R.R. Sеydametov1, V.V. Lazoryshynetz1, B.V. Batsak1, E.M. Trembovetskaya1, B.B. Kravchuk1, S.Ye. Dykukha1, M.Yu. Atamanuk1

1 M.M. Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery of the NAMS of Ukraine, Kyiv
2 Kyiv City Heart Center

      The analysis of immediate and long-term results of surgical correction of the unique heart ventricle performed by means of Fontan procedure in 54 patients during period from 1991 to 1998, is performed. Risk factors of oneventricular hemodynamic correction are determined; hospital letality, as well as duration of hospital stay and quality of life after discharge from hospital depends on their presence and number. Eight patients died during surgery or soon after it because of surgical mistakes. Among all investigated patients, 19 (35,2 %) had suitable conditions for surgery, i.e. had no more than 1 risk factor. All 19 live without signs of heart failure with high quality of life. Among remaining 27 (50 %) patients having 2 and more risk factors, 11 died immediately after operation, 13 – within 5 years after it, and 4 live with clinically significant heart failure II–IV classes NYHA.

Key words: single ventricle of the heart, cavo-pulmonary anastomosis, Fontan procedure, risk factors.

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