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Review of current guidelines for management of patients with aortic stenosis

M.T. Vatutin1, Y.V. Yeshchenko1, Y.P. Gritsenko1, O.I. Stolika2

1 M. Gorky Donetsk National Medical University, Ukraine
2 Institute of Urgent and Recovery Surgery named after V.K. Gusak NAMS of Ukraine, Donetsk, Ukraine

Review of the current AHA/ACC guidelines for management of patients with valvular heart disease, i.e. with aortic stenosis is provided in this article. The information about diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of aortic stenosis, anticoagulant therapy, management of patients in the case of infectious endocarditis and thrombosis of the valve is detailed.

Key words: aortic stenosis, diagnosis, treatment.


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