Case report

Experience with left ventricular assist device usage in the treatment of end-stage heart failure

B.M. Todurov, G.I. Kovtun, I.M. Kuzmich, M.V. Goncharenko, A.M. Druzhyna, A.O. Shpachuk, O.M. Postupalsky, S.O. Sheludko, S.M. Sudakevych, O.V. Stanyshevskyi, A.Yu. Melnyk

Heart Institute of Healthcare Ministry of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Heart failure potentially developing in most of heart diseases is a progressive process associated with high morbidity and mortality. Almost 3/4 of patients die within five years after first hospitalization because of heart failure. The main treatment for patients with terminal heart failure is heart transplantation. Left ventricular assist device is a main alternative to heart transplantation. We present case of long-term mechanical support applied in patients with heart failure class IV NYHA, refractory to medical therapy. Long-term implantation of mechanical heart support system may serve as an effective bridge to heart transplantation in patients with advanced congestive heart failure.

Key words: left ventricular assist device, heart failure.

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