Case report

First experience of 48 mm Xience Xpedition coronary stents implantation

S.М. Furkalo

National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology by O.O. Shalimov of AMS of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

The need to use long stents (> 38 mm) was observed in a number of cases with diffuse lesions of arteries, often in patients with diabetes or with chronic coronary occlusions, where in most cases implantation of more than one stent is required. Our first experience with 48 mm drug-eluting stents Xience Expedition shows usefulness, simplicity and economic preferences of these devices in modern practice. In view of various diameters of proximal and distal parts of arteries, the use of one long stent requires optimizing size of the stent and balloon catheter postdilatation to get optimum size. In patients with multivessel disease, re-intervention after CABG, after previous stenting, the need for longer drug-eluting stents is increased.

Кey words: coronary atherosclerosis, drug-eluting stent, chronic coronary artery occlusion.


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