Case Report

Successful surgical treatment of coronary artery disease and epicardial lipoma: a case report

B.M. Todurov1, V.P. Zakharova2, N.V. Shatelen1, M.D. Glagola1, N.V. Ponich1, A.S. Bolgova1, S.N. Sudakevich1, V.B. Demyanchuk1

1 Kyiv City Heart Center

2 M.M. Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery of the NAMS of Ukraine, Kyiv

We presented a case of finding cardiac tumors in a patient with coronary artery disease. After successful surgery (CABG and removal of the tumor), histological examination confirmed the presence of a rare benign tumor of the heart – lipoma.

Key words: coronary artery disease, hearts lipoma, surgical treatment.


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