Original Research

The estimation of the afterload of a single ventricle for the prediction of the long-term results of the Fontan procedure

М.F. Zinkovskii 1, R.R. Sеidametov 1, B.V. Batsak 1, A.M. Dovgan 2, M.Yu. Atamaniuk 1, J. Moll 3, Ye.M. Trembovetskaya 1, S.Ye. Dykukha 1, K.B. Babadzhanov 1

1 M.M. Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery of the NAMS of Ukraine, Kyiv

2 Kyiv City Heart Center

3 Centrum zdorowia Matki Polski, Lodz, Poland

The aim of the research was to elaborate the method of quantitative estimation of a single ventricle afterload. Using computer tomography with ventriculography and special programmes we estimated different parameters in patients after Fontan operation. The clinical case shows that more than half of work of single ventricle is spent to overcome increased afterload.

Key words: single ventricle, afterload.


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