Technologies of Diagnosis and Treatment

Treatment of chronic occlusion of the left subclavian artery by recanalisation and stenting

А.V. Khokhlov, А.О. Макsakov, Khorram Sohrab, М.V. Shymanko

Kyiv City Heart Center

We present a clinical case of subclavian artery occlusion accompanied by subclavian steal syndrome. Angiography still remains gold standard in the diagnosis of this pathology. Endovascular method of treatment of chronic subclavian artery occlusion by recanalisation and stenting is feasible, effective and safe method with minimal risk and good immediate results.

Key words:  subclavian steal syndrome, subclavian artery occlusion, percutaneus transluminal angioplasty, magnetic-resonance tomography, ultrasound, spiral computed tomography, brachiocephalic artery.


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