Clinical guidlines

Evolution of guidelines on drug and surgical treatment of heart failure

О.І. Zharinov

Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kyiv, Ukraine

The article reviews key differences of 2012 guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology regarding treatment of chronic heart failure (CHF), compared to the previous recommendations. Physical training and patient education, with multidisciplinary approach to management of CHF, are important to increase treatment efficiency. The indications for usage of aldosterone antagonists have developed in recent European guidelines, while possibility to use ivabradine, added to optimal dosages of beta-blockers, for further decrease of heart rate was established. Yet, the key issue of contemporary evolution of CHF management is wider usage of interventional and surgical methods, including resynchronizing therapy, myocardial revascularization, ventricular assist devices and development of transcatheter valve interventions technology.

Key words: chronic heart failure, treatment, resynchronizing therapy, myocardial revascularization.


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