Сase report

Minimally invasive excision of aortic valve fibroelastoma

B.М. Тоdurov, M.D. Glagola, G.I. Darvish, O.G. Bitsadze, А.V. Ivanyuk, N.V. Shatelen, O.S. Bolgova, S.I. Dorofeeva

Heart Institute of Healthcare Ministry of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Papillary fibroelastoma is a rare primary tumor of cardiac origin accounting for approximately 7.9–10.0 % of all primary cardiac neoplasms. Due to high risk of fragmentation and thromboembolic complications emergency surgical excision is a standard of treatment in these patients even for asymptomatic cases. We describe the case of a 57 years-old lady using minimally invasive sternotomy. In this case we demonstrate that minimally invasive approach can provide acceptable safety and advantages compared to the conventional median sternotomy. 

Key words: papillary fibroelastoma, minimally invasive sternotomy, surgical treatment.


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